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Our mission statement

For Kambrya College to be the school of choice for young and aspiring musicians. We will foster a culture of music performance and musicianship at junior level and provide strong music pathways in order to effectively prepare students for VCE Music Performance.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

The MDP caters for young musicians from all backgrounds that wish to pursue their interest in music performance and excellence beyond the scope of the junior classroom music program.

The program aims to provide your child with the opportunity to:

  • Apply practical instrumental knowledge on their chosen instrument
  • Perform regularly in a variety of contexts in front of their peer group, other members of the college and the wider community
  • Perform and participate in a music ensemble/s
  • Further develop and expand their knowledge and musicianship through exposure to different genres and styles and expert instruction
  • Be involved in an exclusive program with students across all year levels 7-10

How is the program structured?

The prospective structure of the Musician Development Program is as follows:

  • 1 x 30-minute lesson with an instrumental music specialist on their chosen instrument focus – on rotating basis during class time
  • Admission into an MDP Ensemble as directed by the instrumental specialist – dependent on instrument/level – at at lunchtime or before school as stipulated by the instrumental specialist
  • MDP specific incursions
  • Guest speakers / Master classes
  • MDP Performance Master classes
  • The opportunity to enter to be selected to perform at the college Evening of Excellence for the Arts
  • Excursions to see live performances
  • Solo Performance opportunities in an MDP Studio Concert once a term
  • Group performance in specific MDP ensemble concert once a term
  • Performance opportunities for important College events
  • Access to community presence and interaction via the MDP app
  • Use of rehearsal/practice rooms and performing arts facilities for non-college/personal music use at recess/lunchtimes

Please note the nature of this program is heavily dependent on the number and type of applicants and may be subject to change.

What are the Expectations of Students in the Program?

Expectations are high for students in the MDP. Your child will be expected to:

  • Have a willingness to perform regularly in front of others including other college ensembles
  • Actively participate in the program, rehearsals and performances as determined by music staff
  • Have access to the instrument of their choice outside of the college and commit to regular practice at home each week on material given in their instrumental music lesson
  • Have an open mind when being exposed to new, different and unfamiliar styles of music
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that meets the College’s rules and expectations
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times towards staff and ensemble members
  • Maintain 90% attendance to all lessons, classes and scheduled masterclasses

How are Students Assessed Throughout the Program?

Students will be assessed via the following:

  • Regular performance feedback (informal and ongoing) – group/solo contexts
  • Semester Ensemble Performance participation – concerts/performances
  • Semester LAB reports

What Pathways at Kambrya College are Available if My Child is in this Program?

Need a digital copy of the pathways chart

Are There Any Fees Associated With the Program?

As participation in the Musician Development Program is voluntary, not all of the cost will be covered within the College budget. In 2019 the entry fee for the MDP will start from $380 but is dependent on the instrument chosen. A comprehensive fee list and structure will be available in your enrolment pack, which will outline each instrument area and associated costs.

What does the MDP fee cover?

  • Maintenance of Music equipment and instruments
  • Specialised instruction
  • Rehearsal Program
  • Access to industry professionals
  • Course materials – including purchase of music/backing tracks etc.
  • Access to Kambrya College Theatre/Practice Rooms/Rehearsal Spaces
  • Excursions/Tours/Masterclasses/Guest Speakers

Application Process

Details of the application process will be made available at the information sessions on 20th March 2018 or 18th April 2018 at 6:45pm. All students wishing to apply for entry into this program will be required to:

Stage 1:

  • Complete and submit an initial expression of interest, submit application to Kambrya College, attention Mrs Rose Serra, no later than May 4th 2018
  • Ensure that KAMBRYA COLLEGE is your local neighbourhood school and is your number one preference on the Application for Year 7 Placement form and (obtained from your child’s Primary School)

Stage 2:

  • If your child is accepted into Kambrya College, you will receive an enrolment pack in mid-August 2018. You will then be required to complete an MDP Application form including preference of instrument and student intentions and return it to the college by 24th August 2018

Stage 3:

  • The MDP team will consider all applications and after careful consideration will communicate with all applicants by mid-November 2018 of their decision. Unfortunately, not all applicants will be able to be catered for due to various constraints

Timelines and application forms will be made available at the information session, as well as the College website