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Dear Parents/Guardians

Please be advised that our 2018 School Council election is now open. Please refer to the attached Schedule 4: Notice of for Election and Call for Nominations for further details regarding the election process and procedure.

We have included the following documents below:

• Schedule 4: Notice for Election and Call for Nominations
• Schedule 5A: Self – Nomination for Parent Member Category
• Schedule 5B: Nomination Form for Parent Member Category
• School Council Elections – Information for Parents

Important information to consider when nominating to be a School Council Member, please ensure that you/the nominee will be available to attend the School Council Meetings. Meetings commence at 6:00pm, and are scheduled as follows in 2018: 7th March, 9th May, 13th June, 8th August, 12th September, 17th October, 14th November and 12th December.

Timeline as per Schedule 4:

Monday 19th February by 4:00pm – All nomination forms, including “Statements from Candidates” must be lodged at the school front office or by email ( Forms lodged in person at the front office will be confirmed with a receipt.
Forms may not be submitted by postal service or be lodged with teachers.

Tuesday 20th February – Nominations are collated. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, a ballot will be called and ballot papers will be prepared for distribution to parents/guardians. A list of candidates will be posted visibly at the front office.

By Monday 26th February – Ballot papers, including Statements from Candidates will be distributed home via students to parents/guardians.

Monday 5th March at 4:00pm -Ballot will close. All ballot papers must be returned to the front office by 4:00pm. Parents/guardians/students must return ballot papers directly to the front office, not via their teachers. Ballot Papers will be counted as per DET guidelines. Candidates will be contacted directly regarding results.

Wednesday 7th March – New school councillors will be inducted at School Council meeting at 6:00pm.