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Kambrya College acSEAL Logoknowledges that research indicates that one of the greatest drivers for improving student outcomes is to accelerate those students who are ready and able to do so, within the parameters of a well-structured and taught program. As such, the SEAL Program has been offered to year 7 students since 2015.

The program is delivered through a combination of accelerated, compressed and extension formats. This is complemented by a range of subjects offered with peers to ensure a balanced approach to both social interaction and curriculum delivery. Accordingly, in Year 7 the core subjects of Mathematics, Science and Humanities are delivered in a compressed accelerated format, whilst English is delivered as an extension subject where students complete similar content to their peers; however, it will be covered in greater detail and they will go into more depth for some areas of study.

In Years 8 and 9, Humanities are also accelerated. English, being the only compulsory subject for the successful completion of the VCE, is not accelerated, however it is taught under the format of extension.  Each student will have a comprehensive Individual Learning Plan that will be informed by data based evidence.  Students will be assessed according to the relevant assessment schedule in alignment with their program.

All participants in the program will be expected to have access to a laptop as prescribed under the Kambrya College BYOD Program.   Text books are also required.

Entry into the program is via Edutest.  As part of the transition process, students will be informed via the primary schools when the test will be conducted.  Tests will be conducted annually in May.  Details will be made available through the Kambrya College web page.

2019 SEAL Applications

All year 7 2019 Special Programs applications are now open.

Please contact Mrs Rose Serra on 03 9707 7600 if you have any questions relating to SEAL applications.

TAASS Accreditation Letter

SEAL Testimonial

Yesterday’s Parent Teacher Conferences

Hi Cam
It was great to see you yesterday. We were extremely happy with how all our conferences went and were impressed with all the staff we met. It was at our first conference at a different school, that our concerns there really took hold and it was wonderful to see how different the experience at Kambrya was. We definitely made the right choice. One thing that came up in our discussion with Pam Crago was the amount of training the teachers were given in preparation for teaching the SEAL class. This was something we were unaware of. We attended many school information nights last year and Zane tested for 4 different accelerated programs (2 SEAL, 2 not) and this aspect of the difference between the SEAL program and the school-run ones wasn’t mentioned.

At his previous school, the teacher’s lack of understanding around teaching their accelerated learning program was one of our biggest concerns. With hindsight, knowing how much more training the SEAL program teachers get could potentially have swayed us further towards that program from the outset. We were told it was a government authorised program but weren’t given much detail about what that process was or how that benefited the students. The previous school explained the difference away by saying they had more flexibility to tailor the program for each student rather than have to follow government ‘catch-all’ guidelines. Just thought you might like to know that for future reference when talking to prospective parents.

Also, it was really heartening to hear Alex Harding talk about his experience. He said that although the music class wasn’t part of the SEAL program it was impossible not to take that into account when teaching that group of kids. He said when you have a group of kids who are able to learn faster and committed to doing it then naturally they progressed through the work at a different pace. Again, this is very different to the previous school where the teachers outside of the Accelerated program didn’t even seem to be aware that that particular class was the Accelerated one and they thought it was appropriate for the kids to waste up to half of their class time playing games when they finished the work quickly. Just a bit of happy feedback we thought you might like to hear.

Genna (Parent)