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At Kambrya College there is a strong student leadership presence, with many opportunities for active participation. These positions include:

  • Year 7 to 10 Class Captains
  • Year 10 Sub School Captain
  • Year 10 Sub School Sport’s Captain
  • School Captain: one male and one female
  • SRC President
  • SRC Members

These positions are awarded based upon a written application and an interview. There are a variety of responsibilities and activities that the student leadership team are involved with during the year, with a particular emphasis upon building their capacity as leaders. A focal point for Year 7 to 10 student leaders is their involvement with the fortnightly Sub School assemblies. In addition, they complete other duties during Home Group as required and encourage the student body to participate in house sports and other school based activities. Student leaders also participate in school information nights and the ANZAC Day March held in Berwick.

Many members of the leadership team attend the Student Leadership Camp, which is held in the last week of term in December. Leadership and team building skills are developed at this camp, providing students with a chance to refine their talents in this area.

Members of the SRC participate in regular meetings with the Student Leadership Coordinator, where they organise a variety of activities and endeavour to establish student connectedness within the school community. Some of these activities include: raising money for charities, organising casual dress days, surveying students, organising additional fun based games at the athletics carnival and staff vs student football matches