Kambrya College firmly believes that the development of quality educational outcomes and the holistic development of individuals occurs through an environment where students feel connected and supported, not only by their teachers, but by their peers.  To foster this, Kambrya College adopts a Vertical Sub-School Structure for Year 7-9 students.

From the moment students enrol at Year 7, they are welcomed into one of the four vertical sub-schools.  Each sub-school has a designated animal and its name is derived from the language of local traditional owners (Wurundjeri People).  Each Sub-school also has a designated colour and value, however these values are pervasive across the entire college.  Students identify with the sub-schools on a daily basis through designated sub-school learning areas (painted in their respective colours!), and also through intra-school sport and other competitions.

To support the academic growth and pastoral care of students, each sub-school is led by teachers in the roles of Vertical Sub-School Leader and Student Manager.  The primary responsibility of these teachers is to support the academic and personal growth of students.  Students remain in the same sub-school from Year 7-9, which allows sub-school leaders to develop a comprehensive understanding of each student’s needs and interests.  Furthermore, wherever possible, the College ensures that teachers remain in the same Vertical Sub-School each year, meaning that students can benefit from building quality learning relationships with a core group of teachers.  To support their learning, students and parents participate in routine meetings with their respective sub-school leaders to examine their learning data and use it to inform goal setting.

The Sub School and Student Managers


Christie Jefferies
Christie JefferiesSub School Leader
Robert Stark
Robert StarkStudent Manager


Rebecca Humphreys
Rebecca HumphreysSub School Leader
Jillian Bernard
Jillian BernardStudent Manager


Bishoy Aziz
Bishoy AzizSub School Leader
Lisa Luck
Lisa LuckStudent Manager


Sarah Chase
Sarah ChaseSub School Leader
Daniel Vancea
Daniel VanceaStudent Manager

Applied Learning

Lisa Murphy
Lisa MurphyApplied Pathways Sub School Leader
Nicholas Hofmann
Nicholas HofmannApplied Pathways Student Manager
Mark Artin
Mark ArtinApplied Pathways Student Manager

VCE and Year 10 Mainstream

Kelly Kinsella
Kelly KinsellaVCE and Year 10 Mainstream Leader
Jacob De Niese
Jacob De NieseYear 10 Student Manager
James Chanter
James ChanterYear 11 Student Manager
Adam Hands
Adam HandsYear 12 Student Manager