Kambrya has a dynamic and fast growing music program led by teachers Adrian Violi and Alex Harding. Supported by some of Melbourne’s best specialist instrumentalist teachers, the College boasts a program that caters for a wide variety of instruments and students from beginner to VCE levels. Students work one on one with their teachers to get exact and professional instruction on their specific instrument.

Students in the Music program at Kambrya College also gain access to be part of the ensemble program to experience performance and working as a team with other musicians in bands such as the Stage Band and Choir. Currently the aim is to build as many ensembles as possible to cater for as many students as possible. Our newly upgraded theatre facilities allow for professional and engaging performances where students really get to experience being on stage.

In the classroom, students in years 7-9 experience some of the very basics that continue through to the later years. This foundation is essential to the success of any music program and we are thrilled with the progress the students have shown in these areas. Furthermore, the standard of musician at year 9 is very promising indeed as they make their way towards VCE.

The Musician Development Program is available to selected students in Year 7 & 8 who have a strong desire to be involved with music and are already skilled. This program coaches and supports this small group of students each Wednesday after school to foster their musical abilities ad connect them with like-minded young musicians.

Our VCE students study the deeper theoretical and performance aspects of Music at an advanced level including musicianship, aural training, practicing with a technical focus and of course, performance. These students are often the ones asked to perform at College events where music is a must.

Our philosophy is that every student should be able to experience Music as part of a well-rounded education. We’ve seen first-hand how the discipline of learning an instrument and the self-esteem boost a performance gives creates a positive experience for a student